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Route 66 International

It started with 20
friends on a road trip.

Arve Stallvik

discovered this amazing road trip in 2003 and brought along 20 friends on what was supposed to be Norway's coolest guys' trip. Stallvik, a news journalist, travel journalist, and author, embarked on the journey together with friends.

A few years later, this was no longer just a private guys' trip. What started with 20 friends had now grown to over 1350 friends on the journey. The hobby and wild idea of bringing along 20 friends on two wheels across America had, by 2008, become the world's largest Route 66 company. With over 30 organized tours and more than 1000 participants annually, this marked the beginning of what is now Route 66 International.

Arve has traveled around the world for 25 years as a photographer, journalist, author, and adventurer. In the USA, he is simply known as "Mr. Route 66". He has visited the Antarctic/South Pole area twice, been to all continents, visited nearly all states in the USA, and as one of very few people in the world, he has skied to the North Pole alongside polar explorer Børge Ousland.

According to Ousland, Arve Stallvik is the first person from Trøndelag ever to ski to the North Pole and one of only about 100 people worldwide who have skied with sledges to the North Pole and camped along the way. It was on this skiing expedition to the North Pole that he decided to establish a Route 66 company and show people the way across America.

Today, the company is the world's largest organizer of Route 66 USA tours.

Participants from Europe,
South Africa, and South America.

Today, Route 66 International has participants from all over Europe, South Africa, and South America, and the company organizes adventure tours worldwide. The company has its own Route 66 publishing house, dedicated Route 66 vehicles and buses, its own Route 66 whiskey, and employees in various European countries.

The company also holds the patent for The Original Route 66 Collection. The original Route 66 jacket is a natural collector's item. You can learn more about this jacket and our collection, which started when the company turned ten years old in 2013.

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